The Daily Mojo – Capella University Lawsuit

The Daily Mojo – Capella University Lawsuit

Capella University Lawsuit | The Daily Mojo with Brett Staggs | May 22, 2020

The slick, high-profile marketing pushes by Capella University seeking to cash in on the economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus pandemic means that thousands of vets and other unwary students could be corralled by the roughly $100 million a year that Capella spent on advertising during the Great Recession.  Capella used 29 percent of its revenues on marketing and locked in a 19.1 percent profit ($64 million) for its owners, far out of line with typical colleges and universities. Who paid the bill? A whopping 81 percent ($338 million) of Capella University’s revenues in 2010 came from federal student loan funds.

Brett Staggs interviews Joseph Peiffer about the Capella University Lawsuit:


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